COMOtion Sports Takes # 10

COMOtion Sports Takes  # 10
The Team Organization Paid Off With An Easy Cruise To The Finish Line

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last place in the XC, next to last in the Super D and a two in a row DNF in the Short Track left me wishing this season was over. In reality, it all but cemented a second place attendance award for the 2009 Mountain States Cup XC Endurance Series with the +144 points awarded for 7th.
Youngster teammate Carry Dunn performed the hat trick this weekend winning all three events but may have pushing me off the podium in the 30+ Super D series.... All good!!!
The second ever DNF was caused by an over enthusiastic team member who pushed me faster than the tiny little 1.95 Kenda tires have ever gone on the ARC hardtail. The push was so violent that the jolt caused the tire bead to spin off the rim exposing the under-inflated road tube to the jagged rocks on the downhill section. My neck has also been stiff stince the incident.
Next week we wrap it up at Sol Vista with a laid back holiday weekend racing all three disciplines celebrating the 7th COMOtion Sports Team win with the wieners in attendance and the BBQ and beer a priority.


Megan said...

So you were the red-headed stepchild in the mtb tabloid incident!!

Dave Strouse said...

No one pays attention to old people....the blown tube has been added to the sacred trash heap.